Communicate with your baby... before they can speak

Your baby is frustrated because they have to cry to communicate! Substitute crying with signing...


Baby Says More Grow n’ Tell

Baby Says More Grow n’ Tell is an online video course designed to teach you to effectively communicate with your baby using basic gestures and signs. Signing gives your baby a tool to communicate their needs before they have the ability to speak. Signing is a stress reducing, rewarding experience. It is easy to learn and implement into your existing daily routines... no extra time required.

Reduce Frustration

Shorten tantrums and lessen their frequency by reducing frustration for you and your baby

Give Your Baby a Head Start

Baby Sign Language has been shown to speed up the onset of spoken language and enhance future vocabulary acquisition

Eliminate endless guessing games

Stop guessing what your baby wants and give them a tool to communicate their wants and needs

The Experience parents are having with baby sign language...

3 Simple Steps


Learn The 4 stages Every sign goes through

Step by step instruction to teach your baby how to communicate with you using any sign.


Choose your First sign

Choose a developmentally appropriate first sign for your baby. We recommend "MORE" which can be found in Baby Says More™ sign dictionary.


Add to an existing routine

Pick an existing routine, such as mealtime, and begin teaching your baby their first sign... No extra time required.

What Is Included In Baby Says More™ Grow N' Tell

4 core modules

Step-by-step guidance through the signing process

No need to add to your to-do list... With concise, step-by-step, easy to follow videos, squeeze it in whenever you can and wherever parenthood takes you.

Module # 1

Why teach your baby to sign

Understand how your baby's cognitive, language and motor development allow for them to sign before speaking emerges.

Module # 2

The "ROUTINE" of baby sign

Integrate communication into yours and your baby's daily routines.

Module # 3

Tools to teach your baby to sign

You’ve seen babies sign before on the Internet…but how did they learn to do so? Learn how to teach the new skill of baby sign, and then support that skill as it develops with your baby.

Module # 4

Expand your baby's sign repertoire and syntax

Teach your baby to combine known signs to create short phrases. Begin teaching manners and conversational turn taking.

Bonus Module # 1

Tips and Tricks

The tips and tricks module is designed to hone in on the key reminders and takeaways for you to remember and review at any time. No need for a super memory or excessive notes... Visit the tips and tricks section at any time for a quick review.

Bonus Module # 2

Six most developmentally appropriate signs

There are over 100,000 words in any language... so where do we start? We included the 5 signs that will be most valuable for your baby to communicate their basic wants and needs. These signs were selected based on a typical baby’s routine, but also their achievable hand-shapes during your baby’s motor development. Start here and slowly add to your baby’s sign repertoire.

For Your Convenience

Your life, your pace... Baby Says More™ Grow n' Tell is an 'on demand' training available 24/7, 365 days per year. Revisit the course as often as you would like. The materials are yours for life.

Friendly on all devices... Access the course anywhere; whether in bed after a long day when your baby is finally asleep or on the road traveling for the holidays, the course is always by your side.

We all learn differently... Choose the format in which you learn best, including video, audio or written word. Each module is provided in all formats.

Instant access. Begin signing with your baby today!

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Get your specific questions answered

Join the Live Video Q and A with a certified speech language pathologist and get your questions about your baby's language development answered.

Real Families... Really Signing

A video is worth 1000 pictures

Remove any confusion from your signing process... See other families that have used Baby Says More™ Grow n' Tell using signs in their daily routines.

Video sign dictionary

Over 100 signs and growing everyday

Your own searchable video sign dictionary... find any sign in seconds. The Grow n' Tell video sign dictionary includes over 100 videos of signs and is growing everyday. Featuring multiple video angles and closeups of each sign.

Private Facebook Group

You are not alone

Join the closed Baby Says More™ Facebook group packed with mothers, fathers and caregivers at various stages of their signing journeys. See videos of other families signing, get questions answered and enjoy a close community of other baby signers.

Enroll today and get these special bonuses

Baby Bib

50% off 1:1 coaching - 4 session package

Consistency... simplified. Sign chart with diagrams for an "at a glance" reminder making it simple for all caregivers in your family to get involved with signing

Baby Says More™ E-book illustrating the importance of signing with your baby

Cheat sheet covering the the 4 stages necessary to teach each individual sign and key reminders for each stage

Meet Your Instructor

Greetings parents and caregivers,

My goal with Baby Says More™ is to give busy parents a one-stop shop for everything they need to know to sign with their babies. I am an American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified speech and language pathologist who has done a great deal of research on signing as an alternative or augmentative means of communication. I have seen just how efficacious signing with your little one is and the advantages it affords babies, but also the joy that signing brings to entire families. It is really magical to witness and I would like to share this heartfelt experience with you.

Many years ago when the Baby Says More™ Grow n’ Tell program was merely a forethought, I first started teaching my niece Sadie to sign when she was about 3 months of age. I had been intrigued by the research I had done on preverbal communication strategies, specifically that of “baby sign language,” but obviously my sister and family were less ‘convinced’ of its efficacy. In fact, at first they thought that I was just Crazy Aunt ‘Chelle. Regardless, I didn’t let my family’s trepidations lead to self doubt…I was committed to what I already knew to be a highly effective method that I used day in and day out with my students. I told them to give it less than a year and they’ll see, in fact, they’ll thank me.

Fast forward three short months and it finally happened…Sadie looked at her Aunt ‘Chelle with her adorable brown eyes while her little, slightly uncoordinated, hands made an oh so familiar gesture. In fact, she was unmistakably using the sign MORE. She didn’t want me to leave her side, but rather she wanted me to continue playing with her. So she told me. I’ve never felt more loved, and even more so, proud. Seeing my little niece, my pride and joy, communicate with me after all of my effort teaching her was one of the most momentous experiences of my life. I will never forget it.

I worked with Sadie every day teaching her to sign for desired items: first with more general signs, such as “GIVE ME” and “MORE,” and then later with specific signs for specific desired items. My sister Carrie was thrilled to have a way to communicate with her baby months before she was even expecting her first words. She would tell everyone she knew about the stress relief and confidence that she was afforded by knowing what her baby needed because Sadie could tell her... or rather, sign to her.

Then, when Sadie reached 8 months of age, she was stringing together 3 sign sentences, which included the manner terms “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU.” As Sadie was my first niece, her parents were thrilled to have a strategy that provided insight into their baby’s mind. It allowed them to feel more relaxed in their parenting and it also prevented Sadie from becoming frustrated due to breakdowns in communication. 

She had a way to communicate!

Then, at about 15 months of age, Sadie was able to politely ask her mother to pick her up, “Pick me up please!” Thank goodness she could, because at this point in time Sadie was unable to move herself, as she was quite a late walker.

Luckily Sadie had the language skills to navigate her environment from the seated position!

Not only was Sadie able to communicate much earlier than her age-matched peers, but her verbal language skills were also more advanced and her development accelerated. This experience with Carrie and Sadie changed the path that I had thought I was on in life. I knew that I needed to share this with parents in a way that was easy to understand and implement into their busy lives.

This miracle known as preverbal communication is exactly what I would like to share with you through Baby Says More™ Grown n’ Tell. I have since taught many other parents the Baby Says More™ Grow n’ Tell method, which I have compiled into a single, comprehensive, online course. Prior to creating the course, I did a ton of research and used these techniques in my own clinical practice.The Grow n’ Tell method is based on techniques used by speech and language pathologists worldwide!

Regardless of what methods early childhood professionals use, it is parents who are their baby’s most influential teachers! As such, I made this course to give you the tools you need to feel confident in teaching your baby to sign, as well as to inform other caregivers in your baby’s life.

That being said, you will be fully supported throughout the process of teaching your baby to sign. I am very active on the Facebook group and will be live each month so that you can ask any questions you have about signing, as well as any questions regarding overall speech and language development.
I look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories.


Michelle Baby Sign Language

Michelle Lerner, M.S., CCC-SLP, TSSLD - Bilingual Extension

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