Communicate with your baby... before they can speak

Teaching Baby Sign Language Is A Stress Reducing And Rewarding Experience That Gives Your Preverbal Baby An Effective Tool To Communicate

The Eyes Of Understanding...

Your baby looks at you with those big innocent eyes and your heart tells you that they really do understand when you speak to them...

In fact, they do. Not only do they understand you, but they are fully capable of communicating with you.

Your baby has the gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive memory capacity for language as early as 6 months of age. The only limiting factor is the development of their vocal tract. Baby sign is the tool that allows your perverbal baby to communicate...

Start communicating with your baby using Baby Sign...

Reduce frustration resulting from breakdowns in communication

Extinguish the need to cry (remember that crying is your baby’s method of communicating)

Eliminate endless guessing games that result from a lack of functional communication

Speed up the onset of spoken language & facilitate language development

Incite a closer parent-child bond and make parenting even more fun

Experience the fulfillment that comes from the ability to communicate with your preverbal baby

Start communicating with your baby today...

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How It works


Learn how to model your first developmentally appropriate sign


Understand the 4 levels of prompting that each sign goes through


Pick an existing routine to use to begin teaching your baby their first sign

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Your Instructor

Michelle Lerner is the owner and founder of Baby Says More™. She helps parents teach their infants baby sign in their natural language environments.

Michelle received a Bachelor of Arts in the Speech-Language-Hearing-Sciences at Hofstra University and a Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from Teacher’s College Columbia University.  

She holds the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech and Language Pathologists (CCC-SLP), the New York State License to practice Speech and Language Pathology, the Professional Certificate for Teachers of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD), as well as a Bilingual Extension to the TSSLD in English/Spanish from the Bilingual Institute at Teacher’s College Columbia University.

Questions? Ask Away!

Time Requirements

How long will it take for my baby to start signing back?
How much time does baby sign language take to teach?
How much time do I need to sign with my baby per day?

True Or False

Will signing delay my baby’s language development?
Is this the same as American Sign Language (ASL)?

General Questions

What benefits does baby sign language provide?
Why should I teach my baby to sign?
Do you provide signing charts and flash cards?

What parents who use baby sign are saying...

"Having signed with two children now, I can definitely say that teaching your children to communicate early on is the best thing ever."

- Amelia, Barcelona-

"Signing has been fun for the whole family. It has been stimulating for my son and has provided my husband and I with an exciting and rewarding direction through what can be challenging moments."

- Kate, Colorado -

"Ivy Ana is 16 months old now, and she is still using signs. She started signing independently right before she turned 7 months old. Now she signs all the time, and picks up new signs pretty quickly. I'd guess she probably uses 20 or more signs and combines them to communicate in 2 or 3 word sentences."

- Hillary, San Francisco

"I do not have words to express how invaluable that experience was. Plus, it alleviated so much of Sadie’s frustration because I always knew what she wanted; she had a method to tell me!"

- Carrie, New York -

Start communicating with your baby today...

free baby sign language course

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